Hi! I'm Griff.

I grew up in Oliphant, Ontario, a little fishing village on the Bruce Penninsula. Everyone with a cottage in Oliphant returned to their city lives when the summer ended, but not us. We enjoyed boating and kayaking in the summer and driving through five-foot snow drifts in the winter. Good times.

Though I started taking piano when I was six, it was during high school that my interest in music took off. While my skills as a pianist evolved, I quickly learned the drums, followed by the bass and the guitar. I spent a lot of time in the music room, learning to improvise and compose. I played a few gigs with a jazz band that two buddies and I formed, and sat in with the band backing my music teacher's very skilled vocal group. I helped provide music for all of the schools musicals and, during my victory lap, co-composed the entire musical score for the school's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

In between jam sessions, I was able to discover programming and with it, the joy of problem solving. In 2009, I moved to Canada's capital to study software engineering at the University of Ottawa, where I learned many new and exciting ways to solve problems. In particular, I remember the feeling of delight the day that Prof. Turcotte introduced the genetic algorithm, followed by the hours my friend and I spent optimizing our box-packing algorithm. Now I am constantly on the lookout for the hardest problems and the simplest solutions.